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71% of Londoners daydream up to nearly half of every working day!

  • 41% spend an hour or more each day researching the perfect holiday
  • 39% confess to booking their dream holidays during work time

New research has revealed that much of London are in the depths of deep fantasy and living alternative lives at their desks. The research conducted by Travel Republic found that indulging in their favorite cuisines (67%) was the most popular day dream in the capital.

Bosses beware, daydreaming can take place throughout the day, more than four in ten (42%) of Londoners say they indulge in daydreaming at their desks and almost a third (31%) have lost focus in meetings. Some daydreams have become so tempting, just under two thirds (62%) of London has imagined quitting their job to fulfil their dreams.

And when Londoners are not daydreaming, (39%) confessed to having booked their dream holidays during work time, with (41%) of these spending an hour or more each day researching the perfect holiday.

More than half of London’s holiday daydreamers imagine lying on a beach (52%), walking along it (54%), sunbathing by a pool (39%) or simply taking in a beautiful view (30%). The most popular daydream destinations for Londonders are Italy (44%), followed by the UK (38%), the USA (53%) and Spain (31%).

81% of our holiday bookings happen after midday, so it is no surprise that people are imagining themselves relaxing in the sunshine by 11.20am.

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